Sunday, 17 August 2008

Ofcom Technical Reports on Cleared Spectrum

Ofcom has published three reports supporting its proposals for the award of cleared spectrum in the UHF TV bands.
"These documents explain in detail why Ofcom believes that no guard band is needed between use of channel 69 for programme making and special events and new uses in adjacent cleared spectrum."
The documents can be found here.

Ofcom consultation on PMSE Band Manager

Ofcom has published the consultation on how it will appoint a band manager to look after "the spectrum needs of programme makers and special events (PMSE) organisers".
The consultation paper can be found here.
The proposals cover issues such as how the band manager will be chosen, how it will be overseen by Ofcom, and what spectrum will be available to it.
These are of course vital issues to users of PMSE spectrum, and anyone with concerns about the process should study the consultation and reply to it.
The closing date for the consultation is 16 October 2008.