Thursday, 18 February 2010

Digital dividend: 600 MHz band and geographic interleaved spectrum

The 600 MHz band and geographic interleaved spectrum are part of the UK's digital dividend that will be freed up for new uses with the switchover from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT) that is due to be completed in 2012. Ofcom are considering how to make the spectrum available in ways that best suit the needs of potential users, in order to maximise the total value to society they generate over time. They intend to publish proposals on this later in 2010.

Ofcom say the consultation aims to:
Update stakeholders on spectrum availability, how developments have changed this and how technical considerations may affect spectrum use; and
seek stakeholders' input on potential uses of the spectrum and on their level of interest in acquiring it. This information will help us develop proposals on how best to make the spectrum available.

These proposals could have a major impact on PMSE. Read the full consultation here.