Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Press Release

Following the publication of the Ofcom consultation on ‘Implementing Geolocation’ which was published 9th November 2010, BEIRG (British Entertainment Industry Radio Group) raised concern that the four week timeframe for responses was an insufficient period to allow all interested parties to be made fully aware of the existence of the consultation, and allow them to come together with their industry partners to discuss the complex technical implications of these proposals.
Ofcom has now confirmed that the deadline for the BEIRG submission to the consultation has been extended from 7th December to the 1st February.  This does not, however, extend to all other interested parties, who still only have the original four weeks in which to respond to the consultation. This decision appears to be contrary to Ofcom’s own guidance on fairness and accessibility.

BEIRG has written to the Chief Executive of Ofcom, Ed Richards, to raise their concerns and to request a universal extension of the consultation until 1st February 2011.  BEIRG would be most grateful if other interested parties would also write to Mr Richards endorsing our request for an extension (  Sample letter templates can be downloaded using the links.

BEIRG also think it would be helpful to write to your local MP in order to raise parliamentary awareness of the issues and concerns of those involved. In order to find the contact details of your local MP, you should visit the following website and enter your postcode:

Letter to MP

Letter to Mr. Richards