2017 Consultations

As many PMSE business and equipment owners will already know, last year the Government and Ofcom confirmed the timetable for the clearance of the 700 MHz band to make way for mobile networks. Transitioning out of the band presents two immediate concerns for those operating in the PMSE sector. Firstly, they will lose varying degrees of their equipment’s tuning range, creating a need to retire and replace equipment. Secondly, as a result of this, there will be significant incremental costs imposed on owners. The financial reality of researching, purchasing, transporting, fitting, testing and utilising completely new equipment is a harsh one for many businesses in the sector.

Consultation on Funding for PMSE

In April, Ofcom released a consultation document laying out its initial plans for a support scheme for affected PMSE equipment owners. Full details of their proposed scheme can be found here.

Ofcom received 19 responses to the consultation, many of them endorsing BEIRG’s positions. BEIRG’s response to the consultation can be found here.

Consultation on the 700 MHz Guard Band

In addition, a separate consultation set out proposals to allow PMSE users to be able to operate in the 700 MHz guard band (694 to 703 MHz) beyond 1 May 2020. Ofcom’s consultation document is available here.

BEIRG’s response to this consultation can be found here.

BEIRG will continue to engage with Ofcom and politicians to ensure that our recommendations and concerns are heard at the highest levels.